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It’s 7PM and I’m still in the office. Not because I need to be here but because I want to. My housemate is working and I don’t want to go home pa. I’ll just stare at nothing and brood pag-uwi ko (which is what I am doing now). I don’t have anything of import naman to say. I just want to write, that’s all. No one needs to read this kasi I’m just rambling… nonsense nga e.

I wish it’s December already… I will know something by then. I just hope it’s good news. I wish I’m in Palawan para I’m with my family na. I wish nasulat ko na proposal ko. I wish I’m in UP eating fish balls. I wish for so many things. Well, ganun naman ang tao e. Never ending ang wishes and never satisfied. Thinking about it, nakakalungkot. What it amounts to is you’ll reach your so called “ultimate dream” only to be replace with a new set of dreams. New set of challenges. Nakakapagod pero exciting. Tayns, tigil na! Maudlin ka na!

Ang tagal naman. Gusto ko nang umuwi.


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We finally did it! Lily Ann (my housemate in Laguna) and I hosted a party – House Warming cum Belated Birthday Party cum Thanksgiving Party. After more than a month of prevarication we had no choice but to host one. The party itself was fun but the preparations leading to it well let’s just say thanks to our guests it went okay. Actually our guests along with my housemate ended up cooking the food that we eventually ate while I was tasked to wash the dishes. How did such an arrangement came to pass you might ask. Well here it is –

  1. Require all your friends to be great cooks.
  2. Inform all your friends that your greatest talents are eating as well as dishwashing. That way there is a clear separation of duties.

  3. Make sure that your friends knows that you can’t cook so if and when they insist on you hosting the party they will be more than happy to cook the food.

  4. Consult your friends regarding menu.

  5. Save money so you will be able to buy all the party requirements. At the same time take someone with you who knows how to cook so you will be able to buy the correct ingredients.

  6. In case you haven’t saved, schedule the party closest to payday.

  7. One must also schedule the party on a Friday or weekend so if it lasted until the wee hours of the morning you can catch up on your sleep the following day.

  8. Make your stand regarding liquor clear. That way you will not be expected to provide it.

  9. Ask around regarding inuman schedules of your officemates. Because if you get lucky enough your guests won’t have to bring their liqour, your officemate who happens to be your boss as well as neighbor will provide the liquor. Vodka or Brandy anyone?

  10. Have your friends invite themselves to the party. At the same time give them authority to invite other people on your behalf.

  11. Allow one of your friends to take charge of the program in order to prevent dull moments and provide entertainment to your guests.

  12. Make sure that you’re in good physical condition so you will be able to run errands – such as buying last minute ingredients to the store as well as meeting your guests at the gate since the overzealous guard won’t let them in.

  13. Use disposable plates, cups and cutleries. Less hassle when cleaning up.

  14. Make sure you have large plastic bags or garbage bags for the resulting trash.

  15. Make sure that there is extra food for stragglers who will come to your place asking to be fed since they forgot to eat before coming to the inuman party of your neighbor/officemate/boss.

  16. Make sure that your linoleum is spotlessly clean so if one of your superiors shows up he will be able to taste the floor (literally!).

  17. Do have a hula-hoop on hand so the said superior can exhibit his prowess in using the said contraption (I can never ever look at my hula-hoop the same way again!).

  18. Be prepared for revelations you’d rather not hear. Just make a note to have your memory regarding it modified.

  19. AND FINALLY, do not be too rigid on your policy of taking one’s shoes and slippers off before entering the house. Chances are you will have a guest who is too drunk to listen or care that they are tracking dirt all over your linoleum. You must also be prepared to clean everything at a time when your entire neighborhood is in deep slumber.

HAVE A WONDERFUL PARTY EVERYONE! Remember it’s not the expense in terms of money, time and effort that matters, it’s the camaraderie. And yes Miss Marie, I still don’t drink. (“,)



The party that the ScRibbLer hosted was held last September 1 (Friday). The circumstances mentioned really happened. For those people on-the-know do keep quiet, for those who aren’t well… that’s because you weren’t invited. >:-)


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