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Sherma once asked in her blog:

“If you’re standing in front of The Mirror of Erised, what would you see?”

Anyone who is familiar with the Harry Potter Series would know that The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror. It lets the person looking on it see the deepest desires of their heart. However if the person looking on is the happiest person on earth, he/she would see himself/herself exactly as he/she is at that moment.

So my answer to your question Sherma is this:

Yesterday, if I have looked into The Mirror of Erised I would have seen something else other than my reflection. NAAH! I’m not gonna tell you what I would have seen. Suffice it to say that it’s so removed from my reality that it can never ever be – much as I would have wanted it to be, but NO.

I don’t know what I will see tomorrow but now at this very moment I would see only my reflection. This is because I feel so blessed today. Something that I have been working, planning, hoping, wishing and waiting for has finally become a reality. To all my friends, alam nyo na kung ano yun. I guess the LORD has decided na ready na ako for this opportunity.

So, I’m looking at The Mirror of Erised and I see a girl with long straight hair, wearing a black blouse and a denim skirt. Smiling… Grinning actually…


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Last Sunday (January 22) the whole Philippines stopped to watch Pacquiao’s fight against Mexico’s Eric “El Terrible” Morales. At a time when the country was looking for a hero – Pacquiao certainly did not disappoint.

I am not a boxing aficionado nor am I well-versed in the technicalities of the sport, but what I saw and felt on that ring inspired me – it was sheer will power, discipline and pure heart. And for that instant, a country wrought with political divisiveness  united in support of the people’s champ. I was one of them. I was one of the faceless individuals who have watched, cheered and felt every blow received and given. I have witnessed Pacquiao’s look of triumph and Morales’ defeat. I empathized and I rejoiced.

Today, I can go out and talk to anyone to total strangers and be one of them. Today – men and women, young and old, rich, poor, middle class – there’s only one topic in everyone’s mind and in everyone’s lips – Pacquiao’s Fight.


At the end of the fight I can no longer look at Morales. His once handsome face had been severely beaten. I can only imagine the feeling of defeat that he had felt. I know it’s a competition and someone has to lose and since I’m supporting Pacquiao my wish is for him to defeat Morales. Still, it doesn’t change the pain and pity one feels when you see someone beaten.


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Lolo Serge as we call him is our canteen concessionaire. He is the person tasked to nourish our bodies and slake our hunger as we toil away in the name of the company; ergo, he is a Very Important Person (anyone who has to do with food and who knows how to cook has, in my opinion, VIP written all over him/her). Albeit his food are a little unappetizing and a trifle monotonous, still it’s edible. That’s why he is still IMPORTANT!!

One day Lolo Serge approached She – our Admin Officer. He told her he will be unable to come to work on Tuesday (January 17) ‘coz “magni-ninong daw sya sa kasal.” Sa madaling sabi close ang canteen namin and no food. Everyone must bring their lunch! As Ms. Mari puts it – “sama na lang tayo kay Lolo Serge para makikain.” Sigh, but since that is impossible… we have to bring our lunch. For some that is not such a great tragedy kasi you can always eat out. Well then try working at Laguna Technopark where there is nary a restaurant, fastfood or even a carinderia in sight!

So, the question now is – what do we – poor sang’gres – do? KARIRIN! Each of us were assigned to bring food – someone was assigned for breakfast, another for lunch and of course – the most important food of all – merienda.

JANUARY 17 – Judgement Day


Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Hetronic Pantry

Assigned Persons: Tin (a.k.a the scribbler) and Lily Girl

I have always believed in making my life easier. So I told them okay, I’ll bring bread, palaman and of course their fave chocolate drink. Then Lily Girl thought of including noodles in the menu. Speaking of which, remembering how enamored they were in eating “yakisoba” so that was what we chose to bring. And Presto! We have breakfast.

(PEEPZ IN THE PIX: (Left to Right) Lily Girl, Ms. Nelfs, the ScRibbLer and She)

Now on to the next eating session…


Time: 12:00 Noon

Location: Upstairs Conference Room

Assigned Persons: She (rice), Hedi (tortang talong), Tiny (fried fish), Leove (mushroom soup), Ms. Nelfs (don’t know what it’s called maliliit syang hipon na may gata, basta masarap sya!), Ms. Mari (fruit salad)

Now this is very crucial. Just  imagine, you’ve been working for the whole morning what energy you have left is not enough for you to go through the next half of the day. Thus lunch, where you replenish your lagging energy. The thing is we’ve been surviving with sometimes good but most often than not – not too delish food. So who can say no to really appetizing food right? Especially in the middle of a working day. Ambrosia! Well the people assigned did not dissapoint, to some these are ordinary food but if it’s what you want to eat at that very moment you’ll feel like an emperor – and since were all women, an empress – with Jang Geum (lead character to GMA-7’s new korea novela – Jewel in the Place) as our cook no less!

(PIX ABOVE: Gutom ang lahat so concentrate muna sa pagkain… the orange cup is the ScRibbLer’s cup, la lang…)


Time: Around 5:00 PM

Location: Hetronic Pantry

Assigned Person: Ms. Mari (Spaghetti – She and the scribbler’s fave food)

Everyone were too busy to remember to take a break. Still, not too worry at around 5 PM the sang’gres in unison felt the rumbling of their stomachs and went to the most important room in the company – the pantry. OT kami so tamang tama sya. Amidst the confusion of getting one’s own platito and chattering voices each with their own stories to tell we ate. She was so inspired (or maybe so insane with hunger) that like a modern-day Jang Geum she combined spaghetti and peanut butter as palaman sa kanyang tinapay. She tells me it’s edible well too each his/her own I guess.

(PIX: Miss Mari (the person responsible for the delicious spaghetti and fruit salad)… )

They say to see is to believe. Here is She eating her weird concoction… I can’t tell you if it’s really good ‘coz I’m not too keen in trying it. So for the curious why don’t you just make one yourself – “spaghetti con peanut butter sandwich ala She.”


Mission Accomplished! We survived without Lolo Serge for a day. Still, to actually do this day in and day out… naahhh!


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