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A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities. (William Arthur Ward)

  • The person who would drop everything because you sent her this message: “huhuhu… are you free today? I need someone to talk to.” Never mind that she has a deadline to beat.

  • The person who would get off the bus (at PHILCOA) and take a taxi to get to you faster because you called her and asked where she is na.

  • The person who would enter the bookstore with this great big smile on her face and a ready hug for you in spite of the inconvenience you have caused her.

  • The person who would retain her sense of humor in spite of the realization that the “emergency” was not so urgent after all and you just needed a pick-me-up.

  • The person who would eat with you in a pastry shop; listen and laugh with you as you tell her about your predicament which isn’t new to her at all.

  • The person who would agree with you with a delighted smile on her face when you tell her that you think you’re being stupid and pathetic.

  • The person who would window-shop with you and encourage you to buy the dress you found yourself trying on (in the fitting room) even though you haven’t the slightest idea when you’ll be able to wear it.

  • The person who would watch “Pride & Prejudice” with you ahead of schedule (you were supposed to watch it with them the next day pa) because you can’t wait to find out if the adaptation is as good as the book.

  • The person who will not hold it against you that she will not be able to watch the movie since she had to go home to finish the work that she put off in order to be with you earlier in the day.

  • The person who would still meet with you the next day for your “chikahan” schedule and sip “white chocolate freeze” with you in an open air cafe even though you have messed up her schedule the other day.

  • The person who would text you at 3 AM to tell you about her plans to kill the person who approved the novel that she is editing.

  • The person who would not mind that you replied three hours later since you promptly went back to sleep after you read her message.

  • The person who would bully you into confronting the situation and ask you pointed questions you’d rather not answer.

  • The person who would make you realize that some things in life are not planned they just happen.

  • The person (TWO PERSONS actually) who would read this entry and know that I consider them a TRUE FRIEND and that I’m grateful for that day.

PS: Promise, I will no longer use “huhuhu” lightly judging from the response I got from the two of you that day.


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