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Here’s the deal, the day started out okay at first. I was able to do my laundry, finish my sakubun for my online course (which i need not take but still insisted on enrolling myself into) and even helped out in the dorm’s general cleaning. I was even able to meet some interesting people and was able to practice my faltering nihonggo. After which I was even able to memorize the kanjis for my quiz on monday. Thinking all is well at around two I decided to go to the bicycle shop to buy the super yasui jitensha there. Yep! It should have been easy right? You go in, point at the jitensha, pay and that’s it. NOT! It was easy enough to explain to the obasan that i intend to buy the bike on sale but the thing is she feels there are still more explanation that should be done before i’m able to buy it. I told her she can explain it to me slowly so i will be able to understand it. Still that’s not enough for her. I asked her is there a problem in the bike that needs to be explained to me. She tells me no still she would prefer it if her husband will be the one to deal with a gaijin – namely me. And where is the husband? Not in the shop. He will be in tomorrow. But then, I need the bike tomorrow. It would have been a lot benri for me if I could go to the church by bike na lang rather than spend 400 yen for the train.  I told the obasan i need the bike by tomorrow na with yoroshiku onegai shimasu at the end. I even showed my school ID to assure here that I am a reliable person. But still no go. Where in the world will you encounter a store that is reluctant to sell its goods. Maybe I should have worn a newer shirt or something…

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to the store to try my luck with the husband. Wish me luck…


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