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Sometimes I ask myself why I subject myself to this. I could have stayed and still be happy. I could have stayed and still grow and learn each day. I could have stayed and be with my friends (although there are some people, colleagues mainly, who I could live without). So many “I could haves,” but the fact remains – I did not stay.

I did not stay because I felt restless. I did not stay because I wanted a new adventure. I did not stay because what I knew then was not enough. Finally, I did not stay stay because I wish to learn more.

So this is my life, for now…

Reading books written in characters I can hardly decipher. Understanding passages, when I can hardly understand the words composing it. Memorizing terms, when just understanding the idea used to suffice. Writing papers in a language I have yet to get used to. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. For good or bad, this is my life for now. I wanted it and here I am.

Here I am now. Here I am now immersed in a new culture and way of life. Here I am now meeting interesting people and making new friends along the way. Here I am now gaining the knowledge I have sought. Here I am now and I am learning. This is perfect… for now…


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