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Gone were the milling people around me. It was as if I was alone… free to luxuriate and immerse myself in this special world. There was both a feeling of wonder and calmness. I felt I could stand there for eternity and never feel the passing of time.

And I thought…

So this is what it feels like to witness firsthand the work of a master!

It was Claude Monet’s Soleil l’evant (日の出).



The ScRibbLeR attended the Impressionist Exhibit with her friend Kaishi at Nagoya City Art Museum (名古屋美市術館). Unfortunately, taking pictures inside was prohibited (which is as it should be!) :-).

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I wonder who wins… Nature is the ultimate artist. The way it shapes the land and colors everything. I just wish I have a smidgen of talent to give it justice. Some people do have it though…

In the photo: An Ojiisan at Kamikochi, Nagano. Trying his hand at immortalizing one of nature’s masterpiece.

So, who do you think won?

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These are the dances performed by the Filipino Students Society of Nagoya (FSSN) for the 2007 Philippine Festival held at Nagoya International Center on May 26, 2007.

  • The first presentation is a modern interpretation of a Muslim traditional dance to the tune of Joey Ayala’s “Magkaugnay.”

  • The second one is La Jota Moncadeña. According to the information I got, the dance is an interpretation of the Spanish La Jota dances during the Spanish Period by the people of  Moncada, Tarlac. Thus, it’s a combination of Spanish and Ilocano dance steps and music and was named after the place where it came from. The performers of this dance adds liveliness and excitement by using bamboo castanets.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6hQW0ctvbI

NOTE: The male dancer in the middle is one of our foreign friends. We assured him no one would question his presence in the dance since there are a lot of mestizos in the Philippines. If all else fails will claim him as insulares or peninsulares – whichever will do the trick. 😉

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Finally! My masterpiece has arrived! I slaved away for it. The product of my creative genius (hehehe…) and imagination. Well, the imagination part came from manipulating the piece of clay on the potter’s wheel and ridiculously thinking about the movie “Ghost” while looking around the studio thinking Patrick Swayze was just hiding behind some shelves filled with unfinished potteries… at this point I would like to borrow Missy Ai’s devilish laughter which I think is very appropriate – Mwahahaha… but no such luck. Still,  my very own pottery is here. Just got it from the university’s International Affairs Division this morning. I Made it in a trip  in one of Japan’s famous pottery centers that I participated last year. Sigh… I think I just found another skill worth learning… hmmm…


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