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Some days are just too eventful for comfort. It will also drive one to ask oneself – is it me? the place? the time? or just bad karma?

Let me tell you the story of my two friends. For reason best known to themselves let’s call them Friend 1 (F1) and Friend 2 (F2).

One fine Sunday morning F1 and F2 agreed to meet up and go to this brand new mall by the bay in order to watch Superman on gasp! I-MAX. As expected, these two people were very excited at the prospect of seeing Brendan Routh on that super big screen and in 3D no less! Not to mention F2 claims that she’s Brendan’s wife!

So on that fateful day, these two met up. F1 however was late since she woke up late and decided to withdraw money at an atm machine before meeting F2 only to find out that it’s off-line or something. Thinking that there’ll be lots of atm machines in the mall she went on to meet F2 who was already parked on the kerb. The fact that she wasn’t able to withdraw money should have been an omen. But she thought nothing of it. But then F2 related to her how she got held up by an MMDA officer for using the yellow lane reserved for PUV’s. (But how was she supposed to get the car near the side of the road if she isn’t going to use that lane? huh?)

Still, they got to the mall and found a parking space easy. So there they were, in the mall thinking, alrighty let’s go watch the movie na. F1 then tells F2 that she still has to withdraw her money. Well, they’re in a mall so finding an atm machine won’t be a problem. right? So they asked for the security guard’s directions and found one… that can’t process F1’s request. Thinking it was just a fluke they tried another… and another… and another… Apparently there is a problem with F1’s bank server! On a Sunday no less! F2 then tells F1 okay i’ll just lend you the money. Problem solved.

Off they go to the theater thinking they will be able to watch the movie – NOT! The queue that the two found were of people buying tickets for other days since the tickets for that day were already sold out! Not to be deterred the two friends bought a ticket for sunday of the following week.

Since they will not be able to watch a movie they could at least eat in a restaurant with good food and ambiance which they did. It should have been smooth sailing by then. But on their way home in an intersection near World Trade Center guess what happened? They got flagged down by yet another traffic officer. To cut a long story short, the officer accepted a “lagay” and F1 is still in shock. She saw an actual “lagayan!” It’s one thing to hear about it but quite another to actually witness one so she says!

Moral of the story? First timers at that mall – BEWARE! if you think things are looking up no they aren’t it’s just the eye of the storm. nah! not really!>;-)


PS: F1 and F2 were able to eventually watch the movie. But before that, F2’s friend got his wallet stolen at that mall. It’s his first time. So, they tell me that it’s some sort of rites of passage… hehehe or maybe just maybe the place is jinxed. 😉


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