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hmmm… I am currently enamored with this dessert that I would usually prepare it whenever I feel like it. I like it so much that I made sure that my fridge stocks the essentials for it. hahaha… yes girls I prepared this dish on my own. It’s just so easy to make and after which you have a delish dessert to savor.

Here’s how: I peeled the banana (from the Philippines, of course!) and any fruits I might want to add to it. Then cut it to half or diced it (whichever I might prefer at the moment). Then I sprinkled sugar on the fruits. After which, I heat up the pan and melt a spoon of butter (any butter would do but I was thinking Anchor butter would taste even better though I haven’t tried it yet). I fried all the fruits for a minute or so just enough to coat the fruits with the butter and melt the sugar on it. Then I poured everything on a dish, cooled it for a moment and put a dollop or two of ice cream (mine’s vanilla but whichever flavor you prefer would do of course). And voila! your very own dessert perfect for a hot summer day.

Happy eating everyone!

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