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First-days are usually nerve-wracking with moments of katangahan due to unfamiliar circumstances, faces and place… Today tops the katangahan scale… it even tops the freshies blunder of asking where the “TBA” room is located.

Let me share you my class schedule:These are the classes that Machida Sensei told me I should attend. When I looked up the schedule for each of the classes I only bothered to take note of the most pertinent info which are the days,  the time, the rooms and the assigned professors for each classes. Anything else would be information overload. Believe me if you’re not one of those chinky-eyed people who learned kanji since birth you would also be intimidated by a Class Schedule Table all written in kanji!

Now, there was this column with a heading

(read as “gakki” meaning school semester) which of course I did not bother to check thinking it was of no importance – First Mistake! There was this tiny voice inside of me wondering what that column was all about and I ignored it – Second Mistake! Underneath this column was written two extremely important kanji:

(read as “ato” which literally means after) and;

(read as “mae” which literally means before)

My first class according to my schedule is today at 10:30 AM. I dutifully went to the indicated room and waited… Something is odd, so I told myself… why am I the only person in this room? And it was already past the designated time and for a country renowned by its punctuality, this is worrying indeed! After waiting a couple of minutes I finally went to the Admin Office and asked them if there was a change of rooms. It was then that the girl explained to me that “ato” and “mae” under the column I earlier labeled insignificant means 2nd Semester and 1st Semester respectively. Can you now guess my stupidity? At least those freshies asking for room “TBA” were looking for a class that is currently being offered I on the other hand was waiting for a class that will be offered the next semester! I was, to put it politely, 6 months advanced!


By the way, the crossed-out classes in my schedule are the classes that will be offered in the second semester.


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