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I finally saw the play!

My friends and I were supposed to watch it last March unfortunately the tickets were all sold out. In my desperation I even posted a shout-out on Friendster just in case someone would be willing to forego watching it and sell their tickets to me – no takers thought, which did not surprise me at all. Good thing the play organizers listened to our clamor for a rerun. YEHEY!

So one Sunday afternoon, Salve, Sherma and I arrived at the newly finished PETA Theater somewhere in Quezon City. (Don’t ask me where exactly. I got confused with all the turns the taxi seem to be taking that I just let Salve and Sherma worry about it. They have excellent sense of direction… mine’s a bit messed up.) There were already people milling about in the lobby though. Talking and looking at the stuff being sold by the organizer – comic book from which the play was adapted, T-shirts, souvenir programs, posters and weird looking scepters. Seeing the merchandise my entrepreneurial instict (?) kicked in. I bought a souvenir program and a poster. Told Salve and Sherma that I’m going to sell it on E-Bay with an ad that will read:

UP FOR AUCTION: Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah poster in mint condition. Signed by it’s creator – Carlo Vergara and it’s two lead actors – Eula Valdez (as Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah) and Tuxs Rustaquio (as Ada).

My friends told me I’m nuts and that nobody would be interested in it. They told me I should wait at least 10 years maybe more. (100 years is preferable, at least by then it will be considered an antique!) Resigned but not defeated, I decided that I would still have it framed and take it home to Palawan to hang in my younger brother’s (Vinz-Cupcake) room. Hehehe… wonder what his reaction going to be?

But I digress… where was I? Ah yes, the play.


Well, it’s an adaptation of Carlo Vergara’s graphic novel about a gay salon owner who becomes a woman with super powers (Zaturnnah) after she swallows a mysterious fist-sized rock from outer space. Yep! just like Darna although in her case it’s just a pebble. Lucky Narda! Poor Ada looked like crying whenever  he has to swallow the rock. Ada just like Darna with DIng has his faithful “alalay” in the form of his gay assistant Didi. And just like Darna, Ada has his own Efren – Dodong.

The plot is so ridiculous you just have to laugh and suspend your disbelief for two hours (which you won’t notice anyway coz you’re laughing too hard). The jokes more often than not are risque. No thinking needed you just have to enjoy and experience it. Although, you do have to be open-minded since it boldly presents gay relationships amidst Zaturnnah’s fight with giant frogs, gay ghosts and English speaking Amazoniztas (chuckle).

But I must admit, the character that I really fell in love with was Didi’s character (played by Joey Paras). His vibrant personality really endeared hime to me. And every scene with him in it ends up in laughter.

All in all, I had a great time and will probably be watching it a second time for according to the show’s organizer they will be presenting the play again at CCP on June 16 and 20 as part of the International Play/Theater Conference (not sure if I got this right).



By the way, I did have the poster signed. Even have my picture taken with Didi… go Didi! Go! Oh, and the weird looking scepter I found out was used by the Amazoniztas. It’s a really cool scepter. It lights up and has a metallic finish. Nope, it doesn’t do anything other than what I’ve mentioned. Still, Salve and I wanted to buy one to give to our respective “pamangkin” (okay, that’s just an excuse). We sort of decided we would after the play but everyone it seems has the same idea. Hmmp! I still want to have one though.


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