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Consoling friends or rather giving assurance to friends regarding their problems used to be easy. Well, it still is actually if I use Filipino or English. Japanese is another matter though… just finished my Kaiwa Exam this morning. The first bamen was asking someone to fix something for you. Easy enough… The other one… hahaha… now that was the problem… I drew a blank, later on the sensei told me I did not use any of the nagusameru phrases we have learned… but i still pulled through. Funny thing about it is when we had to change place from the one doing the consoling to the one asking to be consoled… had to apologize to my partner coz I couldn’t stop grinning… it was so weird… As I sit here I just have to tell myself… 大丈夫よ。自分でいっしょうけんめいにやったんだから、気にする事はないよ。(daijobu yo. anata wa isshokenmei yattandakara, ki ni suru koto wa nai yo.) hahaha… could have used that phrase then…


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