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It’s the height of STUPIDITY! I never knew what came over me. Granted wanting to clean my room is unusual enough! But for it to be the reason…

Never use a plastic stool as leverage to ge to those pesky cobwebs. And if you can’t reach it even after standing on that misbegotten plastic stool, never jump while standing on such a flimsy chair to reach whatever it is you’re trying to reach. Chances are you’ll end up just like me. Literally inside the plastic stool with its broken pieces scattered all around you. Laughing like mad and calling for your housemate to come see your predicament. Then suddenly going ashen when you realize that that plastic was a lot tougher than the skin of your feet, calluses and all! Your mind going blank when you looked down and see a drop of blood on your orange-tinted linoleum. Not wanting to touch your feet but finding you have to in order to stem the flow of blood. Hearing your housemate assuring you that it’s just a flesh wound still you can’t get past the sight of those crimson droplets on the floor. Knowing it’s yours. Yep, pathetic and stupid. Thanks Lily Girl my angel of mercy. =)


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