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Sherma once asked in her blog:

“If you’re standing in front of The Mirror of Erised, what would you see?”

Anyone who is familiar with the Harry Potter Series would know that The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror. It lets the person looking on it see the deepest desires of their heart. However if the person looking on is the happiest person on earth, he/she would see himself/herself exactly as he/she is at that moment.

So my answer to your question Sherma is this:

Yesterday, if I have looked into The Mirror of Erised I would have seen something else other than my reflection. NAAH! I’m not gonna tell you what I would have seen. Suffice it to say that it’s so removed from my reality that it can never ever be – much as I would have wanted it to be, but NO.

I don’t know what I will see tomorrow but now at this very moment I would see only my reflection. This is because I feel so blessed today. Something that I have been working, planning, hoping, wishing and waiting for has finally become a reality. To all my friends, alam nyo na kung ano yun. I guess the LORD has decided na ready na ako for this opportunity.

So, I’m looking at The Mirror of Erised and I see a girl with long straight hair, wearing a black blouse and a denim skirt. Smiling… Grinning actually…


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It’s 7PM and I’m still in the office. Not because I need to be here but because I want to. My housemate is working and I don’t want to go home pa. I’ll just stare at nothing and brood pag-uwi ko (which is what I am doing now). I don’t have anything of import naman to say. I just want to write, that’s all. No one needs to read this kasi I’m just rambling… nonsense nga e.

I wish it’s December already… I will know something by then. I just hope it’s good news. I wish I’m in Palawan para I’m with my family na. I wish nasulat ko na proposal ko. I wish I’m in UP eating fish balls. I wish for so many things. Well, ganun naman ang tao e. Never ending ang wishes and never satisfied. Thinking about it, nakakalungkot. What it amounts to is you’ll reach your so called “ultimate dream” only to be replace with a new set of dreams. New set of challenges. Nakakapagod pero exciting. Tayns, tigil na! Maudlin ka na!

Ang tagal naman. Gusto ko nang umuwi.


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